Dreamcast Controller Port Resistor

Started by Staceman, January 05, 2005, 02:34:04 PM

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A while back, the controller port on my DC blew. I looked around and found a few guides on how to fix it.

I was unable to find a 1/4 watt 10ohm resistor at my local Radio Shack, so I settled for the closest thing they had, a 1/2 watt 10ohm resistor. One of the guides I read mentioned that this might work.

The controllers work again, with the exception of when having more than 2 plugged in; all controllers then cycle through powering on and off (VMU's beeping on and off- does anyone bother replacing the batteries in those things?) It acts as if there's not enough juice to power them all. There's also not enough power to allow a mouse to work unless it's the only thing plugged in.

It would seem as though the 1/2 watt resistor is definitely the problem, but having somewhat limited knowledge when it comes to voltages and such, and also due to another potential problem, I figured I'd ask here for some advice.

While replacing the resistor, I at first mistakenly removed the resistor at the R2 location. After discovering my mistake (D'OH!) I put it back where it belonged, but a little but of the coating came off in the process, exposing what looks to be a coil inside it.

So I ask, could it be that the condition of the resistor at R2 is causing the problem, or is it due to having a 1/2 watt resistor in place of the fuse at the F1 location the culprit?

And if it is the one at R2, what is a suitable replacement for it? (the color bands aren't quite readable on it)



The wattage of a resistor is like the voltage of a capacitor: as long as it's HIGHER than necessary you're ok.  If you're having trouble the resistor is not to blame.  Unless, you know, it's broken or you screwed the install or etc.  =)


Thanks for the reply.

I suspected that was the case, I just wanted to make absolutely sure, so I could rule that out.

I suppose then that the resistor at location R2 is faulty, thanks to my mucking it up.

I just opened it up and took another look, and there is quite a bit of the coating knocked off of it.


im going to ask one thing.. why put a resistor instead of a fuse?


Just following the guides I found on the subject. They claim that it's a better replacement.


well.. it isnt better if it doesnt work.. i say put a new fuse in if you can.. at least then if it doesnt work you can rule out the resistor as the problem.. and if it does work, youll know it was the resistor. also replace the stuffed resistor


Yes, use a fuse or bypass it altogether. A resistor gives no protection and could be giving you your problems. Try removing the resistor and just putting  some single coil wire in there. If it still doesnt work, then replace r2. Bring it into radio shack and by looking at the color bands they should be able to tell you what you need. That is assuming you dont live here where idiots work at radio shack.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN