rgb+scart+vga help!?

Started by acem77, October 23, 2004, 05:12:41 AM

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rgb+scart+vga help!?

ok here is what i have and what works.
1st i have a samsung hl-p6163w. it has a 15pin vga input jack.(and a dvi+hdmi)
the tv supports up to 1280X720p at 60hz and 1920X1080i 60hz.
my pc looks great using the tvs vga input
i also have a TVator II made by antec that converts analog vga to svideo and 15pin scart rgb.
it worked ok with the svideo output when i had my old tv 480i wega.
i know that pc rgb is diffrent than the rgb that consoles and arcade boards use because of the h&v sync signal.

i wanted to test my vga port on the high def tv to see if it would support the rgb signal from the consoles.
for the hell of it i hooked up my pc to the TVator II and the 15pin scart rgb port from that to my samsung hi def sets vga port.
to my suprise the picture came in!
the test seem to show that i could hook up my games system rgb to the vga port with no problem.
so i made a cable for my neo geo to hook it up.
all i got was a rolling picture............

my cable pin out
15 pin  pinout
1 red
2 green
3 blue
13 h sync (tried both for the hell of it)
14 v sync
6,7,8 rgb gnd (not sure what ground to use tried both)
10,11 sync gnd

now i am confused... i thought scart rgb was the same as the rgb game systems used?  
why did the TVator II scart rgb work but not the neo-geo...

do you think the TVator II just passes the sync signal through? so the h v sync from the pc just passed right through and made the pic stable on the tv?
or do i need to strip the v sync signal from the compsite signal from the neo geo?

it would be too cool if i could have a simple fix that would let my hook all my game systems to my hed def tv using rgb.

if anyone can help me i would be very thankful.

TVator II http://www.antec.com/us/support_productInf...p?ProdID=64132#
samsung http://www.tvauthority.com/DLP-TV-HDTV/Samsung-HLP6163W.asp (samsung has no website for this set yet !???)


You might check that the Neo RGB cable you're using has the SYNC line connected, not the VIDEO line.  If you feed composite video to an input expecting composite sync it'll often freak out.  Most RGB cables use composite video 'cause TVs usually 'parse' the composite video line from all sources and it's no extra effort to do it for the RGB port.  If your monitor/TV has a VGA input through which it would never expect video instead of sync, it may be choking on it.


yea i have the right sync signal pin 7

here are some pics may help someone help me.


On the VGA connector, 5  , 10, and 6-8 should all be grounded.

All grounds should be connected to each other.  Connect them all, this may be a cause of your troubles.


ok i got it to work with my neo geo and turbo duo.
they all are diffrent how they work. the neo geo i have to get the 5v from pin 7
that should be the composite sync.  i traced it back and it only gos to a few caps..
i pulled the c synce from the pcb and brought it to the composite video pin 3
and added a switch so i can select composite or rgb video(c sync).
only odd thing is my tv takes a long time to sync in the video but once done it stays till i turn it off.

the turbo duo i had to tie the composite video and the c sync together to get a sharp noise free picture. but my tv sycns in right away unlike the neogeo. colors are a bit dark but thats is a given for duos.

my genesis is being a pain in the ass. i get a signal not supported message :P
i tried a lot of diff ways to hook it up mixing what i found out about the other 2 systems.

all of these systems worked great on my rgb to svideo board.  you would think it would be easy to get all the systems going.