N64 RGB Question (SNES2 mod)

Started by Segasonicfan, October 24, 2004, 04:06:53 PM

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I'm really determined to get a decent RGB output from my N64.  Aside from buying a Japanese one (which Ryu used and claims to have a good RGB picture), I have no way to improve the dark RGB image other than the SNES 2 mod.  I understand the mod however, I don't understand Lawerence's referrence to the PPU2 chip and the voltage converter.  I understand that the mod requires the 4 resistors and 2 pf capacitors and +5v...but does it ned anything else?  I'm not sure if the PPU2 is an IC I need for the mod or if I need something else.  Can someone please clarify for me? Thanks =)

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the mod used for the SNES 2 is not an amp and does not work for the N64.  It ONLY works for the SNES2.  Use the PC Engine amp if you want to amp the N64's RGB.

Note that like all other regions, only EARLY Japanese units will be moddable, the rest will not.


Thanks Lawrence.  Yeah, I know only the early ones can be modded...from 1996 to somewhere in 97 they used the U4 chip.