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More amazing cellular games.
If you don't remember the astonishing number of cool Japan-only J-Phone Java games I showed you last time, they're right here. This is just a slight update showing off some of the new games and features of the next wave of cellular games. It's by no means an exhaustive list, and it only covers the 256k games available for Vodafone (formerly J-Phone) - a decidedly tiny subset of games that as of this writing only works on the top-end Sharp and NEC phones. There's not yet a DoCoMo or AU equivalent to the 256k appli, as far as I know. Enough pre-amble, check this out. For a look at how astonishingly cool these phones can be in Japan, look here.

Spiderman 2 Pinball - Taito
Cubic Invaders - Taito
Space Invaders Anniversary - Taito
KikiKaikai (Pocky and Rocky) - Taito
Arkanoid - Taito
Battle Gear + Puzzle Bobble DX - Taito
Energy AirForce - Taito
Estopolis DX - Taito
Puyo Puyo Fever - Sonic Team / Sega
Sonic Tennis - Sonic Team / Sega
Sonic Billiards - Sonic Team / Sega
Blocks - Sonic Team / Sega
Pinball games - Kaze | Pyramid Magic - Sega