Greetings to Australia's Official XBox Magazine readers!

The X68000 is a wonderful system, not only because of the stunning design and kickass software, but also because of the love and attention that went into each piece of software. From the graphics to the sound to the manuals - often in full colour - right down to the lowly sleeves protecting the floppies. Herein lies a gallery... A Gallery Like No Other!

To start there's a collection of cats below, which graced the front of Zoom's games. Also, please click the links for other madness.
Zoom's Genocide
Zoom's Overtake Racing
Zoom's Lagoon
Capcom Software
Cybertech Custom's Cyberblock Metal Orange EX!
Cybertech Custom's Carat
She's from Cyberblock Metal Orange EX

Zoom's cat from Genocide

Zoom's cat as race queen

Zoom's cat mascot from Genocide 2

You don't get these with your ROMs.

Battling the Dragon from Lagoon.