Almost all of Capcom's games had some excellent illustrations on the back. They were the same for every game - Street Fighter, Strider, Ghouls n Ghosts - Street Fighter 2 characters exhorted you to take good care of your floppies. The campaign seems to have worked, all my X68000 games work just fine a decade later. NOTE! In the US the names of some characters were changed to prevent Capcom from being sued - the black boxer's name was originally M. Bison, an obvious reference to Mike Tyson, so four character names were swapped. The first image below shows Vega, who's known in Japan as Balrog. Or at least he was, I think they've changed them to match the American names now...

Balrog asking you not to touch the shiny bits

Zangief talks to magnets!

Ken says "Use care when inserting!"

Dahlsim worries about temperature control

Blanka says "Don't eat!"

Chun Li on the importance of using sleeves