unusual snes lockout mod

Started by phreak97, October 04, 2004, 04:07:32 PM

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well.. the snes isnt actually mine, im just borrowing it for a very long while. but i wanted to crack it open anyway, i took off the rf shielding and saw this:
lockout mod
the lockout chip has been completely removed..
can anyone tell me how this mod works and if there would be any advantage over just removing pin 4?
also my tv has trouble working out what video format it is getting, i have to set my tv manually to ntsc 3.58 or it loses sync and colour in parts of the game, i dont know if this is a related problem or not.
and yes, it does play both pal and ntsc games


Without doing any research (or seeing your pic, which won't load) I'd suggest that the chip, which holds the system in reset when it doesn't get the proper response from the cart, works just as poorly when it's completely removed as when the 4th pin is lifted.


there is a resistor and two wires added going to the other chip near the lockout chip, one of the wires i think is pulling one of the pins on the other chip up to 5v instead of its normal ground. the pic does load for me, if it still wont, go to http://phreak97.experienced.tk and click on lockout.jpg  


if anyone downloaded this image, let me know, i lost it long ago.