can anyone tell me how to modifiy a famicom?

Started by hellokittylikeskaga, September 25, 2004, 03:19:04 PM

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I just bought a nintendo family computer(famicom) from 83' and I was wondering can any of you tell me how to modify it or send me link to site that tells me how to modify it? I was also wondering is there a way for me to use it with ripping it open and modifying it ? I know there is not but I have to ask ^.^ I just bought this system and some games for it for my sisters boyfriend  for his birthday I really hope someone here can help me with this  I don't want this to turn into the worst birthday gift I have ever gave  I would be grateful if any of you can help me with this as of now my sisters boyfriend is trying to figure out how to fix this dumb paper weight(my words not his he loves it) I just gave him =( katie


You haven't said what kind of mod you wanted to do.  If it's an AV mod, you can get the details on  You can use any normal power supply on it - Genesis1, Jaguar, TG-16, etc.  The RF signal displays clearest on channel 96, and somewhat clearly on 13.


thank you for the info as for what kind of mod I want to do I just want to whatever will make the games  playable on a normal TV  so the info you gave hopefully will be very helpful to me  =)katie


Did you try plugging it in? Lol.
From what I understand the signal is the same but the question is, what connector does your famicom use?
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN