50/60 Hz switch diagram for the last SNES revision

Started by Moosmann, September 13, 2004, 12:25:40 AM

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i found a way, how to switch the last revision from the PAL-SNES for 60 HZ output.


I compared the Super Famicom Jr. with a newer PAL SNES. The only differences which I determine is the XTAL (Crystal) and connection of Pin 111. With this diagram it is possible to modified the newer PAL-SNES consoles for 60 HZ. Please considers, which in contrast to the old SNES no more separate the picture in PAL60, NTSC are spent. It`s surely not the best possibility of switching between two crystals, because these need a certain start-swingingtime and the processor does maybe not run 100%ig balanced, if one switches in the operated of the SNES to 50/60 Hz selection. I still work for a reasonable solution, which past attempt with a IC 4053 does not have functioned. If thus someone has a suggestion or a professional solution for it, please email me. Some tips: For the crystal, use not a  flat cable, the crystals solder directly at the switch and with TWO wires to the original place from the original crystal. If one solders the crystals on the PCB with THREE wires to the switch, it comes to color disturbances up to the complete crash or reset of the console (influences of noise because of the very high frequencies). I still try to fix this problem and solutions are welcomes.

Bye Markus

PS: I`m sorry but my english is not the best :)


what happens if you do not include the second crystal? will it keep its original colour format? or will it just output black and white?


Without the 21,47727 Mhz Crystal you get only "snow" on the screen, so that you must always switch "crystal & Pin 111".

On a PAL-SNES, the PAL-Crystal is present on "X1" and vice versa. The only problem is to get the crystal. In germany i found only www.buerklin.de which have the 21,47727 Mhz Crystal, and www.rs-components.de for PAL-Crystal.

Bye Markus


Hey, those links aren't working anymore. Could someone upload those images on http://www.imageshack.us or something?



I've modded a PAL console to run at 60 Hz today, it works!

I didn't have an exact frequency crystal so I tried  these 2:

21.8 MHz Just black and white using the composite cables OK with RGB.
21 MHz Colors not ok with composite cables, OK with RGB. I've used this one for the modification.


My pictures under "T-Online" are no longer online. Here`s my new Homepage, but it is only in german language at the moment:


Bye Markus