PAL/US games on a japanese PSone ?

Started by Moosmann, August 02, 2006, 06:20:45 AM

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I know, if I want to play US/JP NTSC games on a PAL PSone, I need a "ONE-Chip" with additional two wires (3 and 4) for an "Bios Patch", because without them I can only play PAL-Backups :(

I really don`t know if a japanese PSone need an "Bios Patch" like the PAL PSone in order to play US/PAL games. Anybody knows a place to buy a "IMPORT" (not Backup) Modchip for the small Psone (japanese Version), because have only chips in stock for a PAL PSone, not for the japanese.

Bye Markus


If you can track down the hex code (which I'm pretty sure is public) then anyone with a pic programmer can make one.


It is true, the HEX code is public and you can just flash your own PIC12C508. I did this and used it in my PSOne, works great!

The PIC12C508 can only be flashed once though, so you have to get it right the first time. I learned this the hard way when I could not figure out why my first attempt at this was not working!



I dont`t know the I-Net place to get the Hex-Code and I also need only two Chips.
I will not make experiments "how to programm a PIC" first ;)

Bye Markus


If you install a regular mod chip, you can use a boot disc in order to play your imported games. More on that here. This boot disc will also let you force 60Hz on PAL games and force 50Hz on NTSC games if you'd want that. Pretty convenient.


I know this method with the Bootdisc, but I wanted a Chip without to use a bootdisc.

Bye Markus


Can't help you with any resellers, but I have never seen a modchip with a BIOS patch for an NTSC PSone. I don't think it's needed, but I really don't know.

AFAIK most resellers in the NTSC areas used to sell Mayumi v5 and Multimode 3 based stealth chips for the PSone. But you wanted a import only chip (aside from ethic and legal matters, a good technical reason for your choice would be near perfect stealth). Maybe Old Crows anti-piracy code will still work in 4-wire mode.

Good luck finding a reseller.