A/V Input for Game Gear??????

Started by Domitar, September 03, 2004, 04:21:01 PM

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How can I mod my GameGear, so that it can accept a Video Input. I have successfully achieved an Audio In, but cannot seem to find the Video Servo. I am aware the the TV Tuner has a A/V input, but that feature is not present on the unit itself. I need to find the contact point where the video is inputted, on the game gear motherboard(or daughterboard). When I tried to hook-up the Video Out from a VCR, to the cartridge conn. pin 41-(GND) and pin 43-(TV Video), the unit simply shut off, much like JVC's sound suppressor chip that shuts down the stereo when the volume is too loud, preventing damage to your speakers. Is the Video signal coming in too strong or weak? Can I still have a Line In for Video? Did I do something wrong, has anybody done this type of modding before?

          Feel free to experiment with an old Game Gear and try to find out what I'm talking about......I sure would love to watch a DVD or VCR movie late at night or even hook a Snes up to it..............Yes this sounds cool, .....................
.................The question is .....CAN IT BE DONE?


Dunno why this was asked twice, but in any event this thread is closed.  Use this one .