Erm, Help, Arrgghhhh!!

Started by Martin, August 06, 2004, 02:24:58 AM

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Erm, I Did the switchless mod to my Saturn,

Heres how I did it:


Select (Pin 1) > Disc Lid

Pin 8 > Ground

Pin 14> 5V

Pin 15 > Ground

Pin 16 > 5v

Pin 13> Ground

Pin 12 > (Jp10, I soldered a wire from the common point of JP 10 to the common point on JP 12 (so 5V gets carried to Jp10 and 12 So European games will run).

Pin 11 > Ground

Pin 10 > 5V

Pin 9 > JP6


Ive tried switching my Saturn on with the Disc lid open, then closing it (Says European games are unsuitable), Ive tried switching it on with the lid closed, then opening and closing it (says european games are unsuitable), I also switched it on with the lid shut and left it that way.. still says they are unsuitable, so I checked which line Id wired the select line up to, and it is the one that changes voltages when the Lid is open and shut.

What is wrong with my Mod?
I want my Saturn to run Europe and Japan games...
I see nothing wrong with what I have done :angry:  :(
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Your wiring seems fine to me, the only reason I can think of for failure is if you've failed to properly locate the common points or if your wiring is somehow flaky.


Ok, I just did the entire mod again from scratch, I used new wires and connected them as good as I could ;p.

Now it runs Pal games... But wont run Japnese games :blink:


I never changed anything (where it was wired up to etc)...

all I did was replace the wires with better ones :(  
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It really sounds like you've got some sloppy wiring there, possibly either some miswired pins on the chip or some solder slop on the jumpers...  Maybe the wires are pinched by the shielding?  


EDIT: fixed :P  
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