english language neo geo - japanese mods anyone??

Started by gaz, October 17, 2003, 04:33:20 AM

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i recently bought a PAL neogeo and converted it to NTSC, but i was wondering if ther's a way to make it dispay japanese text with blood and boobs?? i know u can do it with a debug bios chip, but i was wondering if u could do it in a similar way as on the megadrive/genesis??


It's the BIOS chip that determines the language, short of replacing it there's no way to do what you ask.


i suspected that may have been the case, but i thought i'd ask anyway, as on the sega megadrive/genesis u can cross wire a couple of jumpers and that can give u japanese text and/or a switch to toggle between the two and i thought maybe it was possible on the neo. apparently u can do it with the neo geo cd, but i beleive the hardware is different to on the aes (apart from the cd drive that is!).

james c

can you play japanese cartridges on a PAL B system


Wait wtf is he talking about? HAhahaha is there a special jumper to show blood and boobs? What on earth i must be lost in the neo geo world.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


Hm, yeah they had jumpers which determined the flag for the censored or non-censored versions. The USA version got "white" blood which I guess was supposed to be sweat in some Samurai Shodown game, the JPN version got proper red blood. I don't know about covering up boobs but I wouldn't be too terribly shocked if it did that too.


The reference to breasts is specifically about missing animation. In the King of Fighters series, the character Mai has swaying breasts as she moves back and forth in her fighting stance. This portion of her animation is removed when playing in the non-Japanese region. In general, breasts are not exposed or otherwise uncovered, although other games will tend to omit other suggestive graphics in the same way.

-KKC, too tired to be witty.