Sega Saturn Switchless mod ONLY playing Jap games?

Started by Silver237, July 29, 2004, 08:12:50 AM

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I just finished the Saturn Switchless mod. It worked fine with both US & Jap games for a bit. Then for no reason it just stopped playing US games. It only plays Jap games. I didnt touch anything either & it started doing this out of nowhere! I tightned all my connections & checked everything over & over, even did things like remove the backup battery & hit reset too....but no luck. Does this have anything to do with the "SELECT" line that goes to the chip..mine is soldered to the "RESET" button pin that has +5v. Lend me a that I acutally KNOW what I am doing & we can be on the same page :D


Your wiring has come undone, there's no other reason for failure.  There's a few tricks to soldering that might help when you're doing the repair:

1. Place your wires flat againts the PCB before soldering, and don't wiggle them more than once to test their strength after the solder cools.  You risk pulling up the contacts (and that's B-A-D).

2. Make sure you pre-solder the wire and pad before soldering them together.  This helps minimize the time needed to heat both parts; since they're already connected properly to the solder you only need to heat the solder itself.

3. Properly heated solder flows like water, it'll connect and hold very strongly.  If yours wiggles, you've done it wrong.  Also, properly heated solder joints tend to be shiny, dull ones weren't done quite right.

4. Make sure your wires don't run underneath the sharp bits of the metal shielding, and be sure to avoid screws.


actually everything was ok....I was getting confused about the fact that I had to hit the reset button to make the US games work after the memory menu came up. After I figured this out I also switched the jumper wires to default to US region for now, so I hit the Reset to play Jap games. Does this sound similar for what you have to do?


I hold down reset during poweron, after that the system will stick to whatever region it was used on until you cycle the power again.


I wired mines up to the disc lid... I take It I just have to switch My Saturn on with the Lid open? Or what? :huh:
Err Because It always seems to run pal games (I modded it to run pal and Japanese)
No matter what I do with the disc lid., and I checked that I wired it up to the line that changes voltage when you open and close the lid and I did :blink:  :unsure:  
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