Registration spamming?

Started by NFG, July 23, 2004, 02:01:54 AM

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Someone has recently tried (on two occasions) to register 20-45 new user accounts at the same time.  If I hadn't noticed the activity on the mail server they'd probably have succeeded.  I've taken a few new security steps to try and prevent this from happening in the future, but I'm left to wonder: why?  What could they have hoped to achieve, especially with a forum that lets unregistered members post?

Any ideas?


Hmm, I registered my name 3 times lol ^_^ because I kept f.ucking up the registration :(

But I didnt do anything like that :blink:

Maybe they were automated regs?
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Well it was certainly automated, but why?

Unconfirmed regs are turfed after a few hours, so if you don't get your email and sign up, you won't be clogging up the system with half-done apps, no worries.