Neo Geo RGB/Composite output

Started by NFG, July 04, 2003, 02:17:39 AM

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Please leave your feedback here, and let me know if there are any errors in this article.


I'll be damned if the composite doesn't look better to me, but hell - I just play the stuff.  I really should pay more attention.

OK - I see the difference now, but many games are designed with composite in mind these days.  The Neo especially tended to rely on low resolution moniters to smooth the jagged sprites they use.  What say ye to that?


What say I to that?  I say that I play emulated games with doubled or tripled pixels and no smoothing just so I can better see the original pixel art.  If I wanted low-res smoothing on a blurry tube I wouldn't own a DC VGA box.

Don't forget that SNK's primary motivation (At least originally) was the arcade, and in that medium the RGB monitor is king, so the 'free antialiasing' provided by a TV is, in this case, irrelevant.   Yes, the Neo was designed for low-res monitors, but what reslution do you think my capture card works at?  (Hint: the same).

I keep losing the point, this time I fear it's gone for good.

Just remember this: RGB good, composite bad.


hmmm.  Well - sure.  But I actually sometimes put the TV filter on when playing Magic Engine.  So perhaps I'm a freak.


I like the article - I'm not too sure about the "Neo Geo Conspiracy" thing though. I know that there are a select group of individuals who like to maintain artificial price inflation, but I think their concern is more about software than hardware. In any case, it's certainly not their obligation to report spec changes to SNK hardware - I would think that should be SNK's cross to bear, not the Neo Conspiracy group. I think the article stands well on its own without reference to the "conspiracy".

That deserves an article itself.


QuoteThat deserves an article itself.
It might if I had any real information about it.    The guy who gave me the info originally didn't want his name used, and he's not the only person who warned me about stepping on toes by giving out this info, but I stood tall!  Righteous!  Fight the power!

Or something.

You're right, the conspiracy is irrelevant.  Thanks to exodus' suggestion tho about 80% of the vitriol was removed already.  Wait until I do some neo schematics and reveal the secrets behind MVS conversions.  That'll shatter a few egos.  


QuoteWait until I do some neo schematics and reveal the secrets behind MVS conversions. 
HAH!  yeah, do that!


Well, I know for certain that the boys at, arcade solutions, and the las vegas dynamic duo did as much as possible to keep everything they could at the highest levels that they could.

Though, for many, that's standard business practice.... :D  


And what's up with this "neophyte" & "noob" shit? That's enough to give one a complex.  :huh:  


QuoteAnd what's up with this "neophyte" & "noob" shit? That's enough to give one a complex.  :huh:
It's the new world order.  We have to start at the bottom again.