Trying to figure out the best way to add and run games via YAHDI

Started by DanHero, April 25, 2024, 02:02:08 AM

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Hi everyone, I recently purchased a PC9821 Cx13 with a compact flash configured with YAHDI. I'd like to put in new games to test some translations, but the compact flash is hard to reach inside the machine, so I'd like to be sure of what I'm doing before I disassemble a bunch of stuff. I therefore have a few questions:

1) The system is a pentium, and several old games run badly, see Edge duplicating the game area by replacing the status bar, obviously at crazy speed; is it possible to temporarily decrease the PC speed to be able to play decently?
2) I did some research, and noticed that I can extract HDI files with Vektor's editdisk; can I copy the extracted folder to the compact flash without any other modifications? Is there a way to extract/load games on a floppy like Galaga, Dragon Buster or Mario Bros. Special? I found them in .d88 and .nfd format, but opening these files with Vektor's ultility returns errors.
3) Finally, reaching the compact flash is really inconvenient, and lends itself poorly to trial-and-error. is it possible to burn a CD with the game folders and somehow switch them from CD to compact flash? I saw that YAHDI has a Log Disk command (I assume to browse the contents) and Move, which in theory should allow me to do what I want.

That's a lot of questions, I realise. Thanks in advance to anyone who can take the time to clarify them for me.


I managed to burn a CD with some HDI extracted, and moved the files from CD to the A volume on the compact flash. Problem is, when I try to run the start .bat files a error pops out, telling me that it cannot find directory and files. I presume something must be done, since the files moved from CD are green, while the working one I found on the YAHDI are yellow. Any hint?


The PC9800 Series Central discord is the best place to find your answers in this case. We won't bite.

You could get a CF extender to pass the CF socket outside the machine, making it easier to access. If you have a free backplate, you could put it through there. I use an SD extension on my X68000 for similar reasons.

You don't make it clear how you copied the files from CD to the 98. The best way would probably be to exit to DOS prompt rather than use FILMTM.

You won't be able to play floppy games from the hd in the same way as the HD images.