Calling All Rigs!! It's the Sharp X68000 Battle Station Contest!

Started by spuci278, February 17, 2024, 11:33:42 AM

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Rules to enter:
Just submit a pic of your Sharp X68000 Battle Station on r/SharpX68000 to win one of the following prizes!

First Prize!! An XE-1 ST2 Game Controller

Second Prize!! An XE-1 Game Controller

The top two most voted win! Prizes will be shipped direct to you (within the Continental US)
If you are international and decide to enter shipping will be at your cost.

The contest starts today 2/16/2024 - 3/16/2024
Good luck to everyone!!!


Question. Are you running this contest on Reddit, or are you sharing information about something you saw? As moderator I have mixed feelings about publicizing this sort of activity here. I appreciate that you've specified a region for prizes, but there are legal and tax implications to this sort of event that haven't been spelled out here.

I'm not saying that we can't announce such a contest here, but if it happens more than a couple of times then the staff here is going to need to lay down ground rules, among which will be that we're not endorsing or promoting the activity in any way. We are a source of information about the contest, and are not empowered to otherwise have any say in judging or participation.


I am running the contest myself as one of the mods at r/sharpx68000 and out of my own pocket.
I had mixed feelings too and was not sure if this would be considered spam or should have been in BST?
Happy to remove it or post where it might make better sense.

The end goal is to drum up support for the platform and get people sharing their rigs and info.
So far it's done just that which makes me happy. Never thought of the tax liability though and what legal concerns should we have? 
I could change the wording from prize to free gift? :)

I would like to run them maybe once a year or something like that. But would also like to chat with you all on sharing information, etc too. 
I have a sticky link to the FAQs and file archives here since I didn't want to reinvent the wheel and the information here is the best on the net imo.  :)

Thanks for reaching out!