ZuluSCSI help needed with V4 image

Started by alessiman, January 09, 2024, 08:23:23 PM

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Good Evening,

I had been running a SCSI2SD card with the V4 image quite happily for the last 4-5 months since picking up the OG X68000.  However I am having a heap of trouble trying to get my new ZuluSCSI Card working on my machine. 

My SASI config is setup to look for a drive at ID 0 so i have named the V4 image HD00_512 etc though reading the documentaton hd0.hda would work just as well

Anyway the log files shows that the image is being read by ZuluSCSI however my X68000 doesn't seem to pick it up :(

Looking at the logs it seems that its not reading the zuluscsi.ini file so the flag

EnableParity = 0 isn't being set

Has anyone else have any issues with ZuluSCSI not reading the ini file

zululog.txt listed below

[12ms] Platform: ZuluSCSI RP2040
[12ms] FW Version: 23.12.13-release Dec 13 2023 00:34:03
[13ms] DIP switch settings: debug log 0, termination 1
[13ms] SCSI termination is enabled
[14ms] Flash chip size: 4096 kB
[14ms] SCSI target/disk mode selected by DIP switch, acting as a SCSI disk
[25ms] SD card detected, FAT32 volume size: 30436 MB
[26ms] SD MID: 0x03, OID: 0x53 0x44
[26ms] SD Name: SD32G
[26ms] SD Date: 4/2023
[27ms] SD Serial: 0xFE34394E
[58ms] Config file zuluscsi.ini not found, using defaults
[87ms] Active configuration:
[88ms] -- SelectionDelay = 255
[88ms] -- EnableUnitAttention = No
[88ms] -- EnableSCSI2 = Yes
[89ms] -- EnableSelLatch = No
[89ms] -- MapLunsToIDs = No
[89ms] -- EnableParity = Yes
[287ms] Finding images in directory /:
[306ms] -- Opening /hd00_512 X68000.hda for id:0 lun:0
[486ms] ---- WARNING: file /hd00_512 X68000.hda is not contiguous. This will increase read latency.
[487ms] ---- Configuring as disk drive drive
[488ms] ---- Read prefetch enabled: 8192 bytes
[498ms] -- Platform supports ROM drive up to 3740 kB
[498ms] ---- ROM drive image not detected
[499ms] SCSI ID: 0, BlockSize: 512, Type: 0, Quirks: 0, Size: 921600kB
[599ms] Initialization complete!

my zuluini.ini settings

EnableParity = 0


The log says that zuluscsi.ini wasn't found. Does it maybe have .txt extension?


Quote from: hiker on January 10, 2024, 12:34:39 AMThe log says that zuluscsi.ini wasn't found. Does it maybe have .txt extension?

This is what i have said in the OP.  There is no txt extension.  i have included the contents of my SDCard in the list of attachments

Edit.  It looks like it maybe due to a faulty cable.  This is the error when i change the ID to 3



Problem solved (and its a beauty)

the configuration file zuluscsi.ini has to be in plain text format which for macos you can use textedit to create.

However by default it added a hidden .txt extension to the file so thats the reason why zuluscsi couldn't find it to load.

I only found this when right clicking "get info" and looking at the file and extension properties to find a bloody .txt extension on the  file!

Removed it and now booting normally