Broken X68000 Printer Locking Tab repair

Started by EmpireStateHuman, November 01, 2023, 03:31:38 PM

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I just got an X68000 via Buyee which suffered a little damage in transit - including a break to one of the locking tabs on the printer port. Is it possible to either a.) remove the pins holding the tabs in place so I can temporarily remove the broken tab and attempt to repair it, or b.) a source for the 16-pin socket? Thanks!


Those type of fittings usually fit quite tight and being on the back of the computer personally I would not bother trying to repair.
I expect you can remove the pins, but I can't see without taking the computer apart.

But try investigating BBC Micro computers (lots more English language info on the web) they seem to use very similar connectors and you might be able to find the name of that type.
I just looked at my BBC Master and the smallest connector is a 20-pin one.

16 pin IDC locking connector?