X68000 XVI with hdd & Xellent030s and BlueSCSI

Started by Elrinth, October 05, 2023, 08:58:15 AM

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I'm trying to get a bluescsi running with my XVI. The XVI has an internal hdd set at scsi 7 it seems. It also has Xellent030s installed.

I'm a bit confused as I do not recognize these startup things for the x68000 I previously used :)

For example I can see this (sometimes) when I reset:

I setup the sd card in the bluescsi as following:
create an bluescsi.ini file on root of sd card with text:

put the "X68000_V4.HDS" on the root and name it HD1.HDS
I moved the physical "pin setup" on the bluescsi to be NOT TERMINATED as said here: https://github.com/BlueSCSI/BlueSCSI-v2/wiki/Compatibility#x68000.

but it will still only boot to the scsi7 internal hdd when I start it. Got any tip what I must do?


1) The BlueSCSI needs external power when using on X68000.
2) I needed to push the key next to HELP to select boot device during startup.

3) I needed to manually select the BlueSCSI as boot device.

4) Win...