X68030 computer with midi card and x68000 keyboard for sale

Started by Elrinth, September 12, 2023, 08:18:54 AM

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Sharp X68030 with keyboard (X68000)

The previous owner did a full restoration of the computer so it is in tiptop condition inside.
Seems like it got a thorn in the middle (see picture two). To me it looks like someone accidentally let the soldering iron melt the plastic a little there.

Sound works. Both the built-in speaker and sound out from the back and front. Both floppy drives work fine for reading (I didn't try writing, but I'm pretty sure it's no problem). Both floppy drives load floppies as they should. The picture out is good. Tested with external hard drive (ra2scsi) and with midi modules. Also plays regular X68000 games that are not programmed with X68030 support if you hold the OPT1, OPT2, OPT3 or 4 key on the keyboard while booting/resetting the computer.

Included is:
Sharp X68030 computer
Keyboard in good condition (good cable)
Midi card

mpu: MC68EC030RP25B
fpu: MC68882FN25A
frame: 4mb

Monitor not included.
You can purchase a x68k converter to VGA (ex: AD-D15NE) then plug it into e.g. an OSSC.

Asking for: $1900 including shipping worldwide.


The keyboard removed from sale; lowered price to 1789.98 USD including shipping and paypal fees. Buy from my website: