X68000 XVI Logic Board K7244DE Mod?

Started by RetroFixer101, June 25, 2023, 05:29:58 AM

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Hi there

Fairly new to the X68000 having just restored a Compact Redzone which I love but I recently bought a beat up and in bad shape X68000 XVI to bring back to life again and discovered this odd setup (see pics) what looks like a Mod on the Zilog Z0853006PSC ic which looks like pin 20 (clk?) has been cut and connected to another point on the board. Does anyone now of such a mod as I'm inclined to return it back to factory i.e reconnect pin back to pcb eyelet. A continuity test confirms that the pcb eyelet and the wire soldered point are not connected so I don't think it's a trace repair also it looks like the pin has been intentionally cut and bent to reconnect to this new point.

Any input or thoughts most welcomed as I'm stumped why someone would perform this modification?

Unfortunately I am not in a position to test with or without the mod as I'm currently in the process of recapping all boards and removing corrosion etc prior to powering it on. The good news is after a full refurbishment of the SH4 PSU including many semiconductors and a blown zen we diode the Power supply works a treat 😀

Thanks in advance


Please upload high resolution photos.


Quote from: Cyothevile on June 26, 2023, 04:41:56 AMPlease upload high resolution photos.

Hi there

I've just traced the tracks again and it does appear to be a very bad attempt at repair as the track connecting to the pin had either corroded away or been cut and the wire is soldered to a pad that would of been connected to the clk.

Thanks for the comments