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Started by tcdev, December 13, 2022, 11:50:41 PM

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Thanks for the add!

Would this be the best place to ask about 68K homebrew development resources? And talk about a project that I'm working on?

After RE'ing the original arcade Xevious Z80 code, I'm all-but-finished a transcode to a platform-agnostic 68K core which I'm currently targeting for the Neo Geo. For those that don't know, a transcode is essentially a line-by-line translation of (in this case) Z80 ASM to 68K ASM. IOW a 100% accurate port.


I was thinking of other platforms that might be suitable for a port, and thought of the X68000 - which I know nothing about. Looking at the specs, it seems it would be able to handle it quite comfortably.

I've downloaded a bunch of programming resources (PDF files) which I'm assuming will be enough to get me seeing something on the system. Can anyone recommend the best X68000 emulator for a WinPC? I don't have access to any hardware (not surprisingly), although I do own a MiSTer - not sure the X68000 emulation is 100% working yet though.

TIA. When I get around to starting on the port (hopefully not too far into the new year) I'll post here. It'll be free for all to play!


I don't know if its the best emulator, but I've been using XM6 Pro-68k for Windows and it seems to work well for my testing purposes. Also just wanted to say your project is very interesting, and I look forward to seeing more!


I dabbled in x68k game programming many, many years ago. There are a bunch of old threads here containing loose nuggets of information, and I think some people are also doing ongoing projects. Try doing a search to uncover the threads.


I collated almost all of the programming resources I could find as well as writing some how-to guides on using the x68000 graphics hardware from C.

It's here, if you are interested: