Started by Armonte, September 17, 2022, 06:30:17 PM

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Hello I'm new to this forum so apologies if this is not the correct place for this message.

I've started a wiki for x68000 doujin fighter MOON LIGHTS 2, specifically the win95 version. The game is really good and has a lot of charm, some people and I have been putting an effort into reverse engineering and modifying MOON LIGHTS 2, we already got parts of the decompression algorithm figured out.

Eventually we'd like to add characters from their previous games MOON SOLDIER & MOON SOLDIER II, but currently MOON SOLDIER II is undumped.

Here on nfggames forum, user SuperDeadite has demonstrated they have the floppy of the game and has uploaded footage onto youtube, stating in the comments that:

"This game is undumped and was thought lost in time.  But I've been unable to copy it, so it will be staying undumped for a long time."

"Sadly, this game has very strict copy protection.  Currently the only way to copy this one is via a Kyroflux, but only in RAW mode, meaning all you can do is make more floppies.  There is no way to dump an actual image file.  (Probably why this game disappeared for so long)"

video here:

Another user pipitanTV has demonstrated they also have the game and have uploaded videos, but they are primarily a japanese speaker so I have had trouble contacting them. video here:

So I'm here trying to contact someone who can maybe help me get this game dumped, as currently no dump (even one with copyprotection) exists and I'm just worried it will be lost forever. The games are very fun and I wish more people could play them, that's all.

Thank you for reading. <3



I have Pauline and Greaseweazle flux dumpers with extensive use on both.

If you manage to obtain a working game I can flux dump the disks no problem.


This has been secured by me.

It will be dumped, studied and archived by the X68000 preservation team.


hopefully you'll be willing to share the rom


Quote from: famiac on March 02, 2023, 07:53:29 AMhopefully you'll be willing to share the rom

It's not a ROM.