FS: CIB X68030 + Games + XPC4 + Accessories

Started by Capitalistix, July 07, 2022, 10:26:18 PM

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Up for sale is my baby. Its a CIB X68030 and is as mint inside and out as youre ever likely to find. The previous owner had the power supply recapped (I believe this was done by the one and only BEEP! shop as there is a BEEP! document included but I cannot confirm as my Japanese isnt very good) and the computer functions flawlessly.

Included is the system itself, keyboard, mouse, all documentation, original box in great shape/styrofoam etc.

However as I am not foreseeing getting another X68 soon, all my games are also included. This includes;

Akumajou Dracula
Marble Madness
Atomic Robo Kid
Alien Syndrome

All games are CIB

I am also including the TS 6GM 1 MIDI Sound Card which is not only a MIDI interface card for external units, but also functions as its own standalone MIDI device when installed. I believe this has the same sound/compatibility as the Roland MT-32. I never got around to installing it but these suckers are rare and it took me forever to track one down and import.

I am ALSO including a mint Micomsoft XPC4 so you can hook all this up to various displays. Again this was barely used by me but its essentially brand new, and I know it all works as Ive had this thing playing games on a consumer CRT via Composite and S-Vid, and had it displaying on a CRT VGA monitor as well.

A few more various non pictured items will be thrown in such as an adapter cable to go from the proprietary external hard drive to a SCSI 2 SD box. I never got around to setting any of this up, but I have done the insane extensive legwork to track all of this needed stuff down so it all comes together in one package for the next owner.

$5000 + Shipping CONUS.


Very nice set you have there, good luck with the sale!


Very nice, I'll contact you once I win the lottery!