ACE sram chips replacement

Started by corpsicle, May 23, 2022, 07:10:25 AM

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I got an ACE that seems to corrupt its sram. I have replaced the battery and it can retain the ram setting, but installing SXSI driver seems to corrupt it and lose all its settings.
Does anyone know off hand what chip is the sram, and where i could find replacement?
I dont even know where to look on the board.


Can you take some high resolution pictures of your motherboard? My ACE is closed up right now, but on the original CZ-600CE there should be 2 x MB8464A-15L (8kx8) SRAM chips according to the schematic. On the original 600CE this is on the CPU board on the bottom right (near the ROMs) in this photo from wiki:

Should be similar on the ACE.