FS TSR Xellent30s x68000 cpu accelerator (ACE/EXPERT/SUPER) SOLD

Started by -Uroko Sakanabito-, February 11, 2022, 05:51:02 AM

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-Uroko Sakanabito-

Edu Arana installed new pins, its tested in normal mode.
Don´t have hard or software for boost mode.
Last ones sold for 500 and 600€... 299+ should be fair?

Would also trade for PC98 CPU / Upgrade stuff.
Mainly DA / v-series upgrades


OK, so you put this in the 68000 socket and the 68000 goes in this card again. Interesting. I think I'll wait for the Phantom-X thought, that's probably a cheaper solution :)

-Uroko Sakanabito-

Cheaper sure but this is the real deal from back in the days ^__^
Would also trade for some PC9801/21 games, just offer me something


Expert CZ-602C rookie

-Uroko Sakanabito-

Some pretty insane ideas here...

- like stated in the posting above (from 3x months ago), the cpu is not tested in boost mode.
- i will not offer any REFUND if the CPU does not work
- this thing is around 30 years old and i have no idea if you ESD it during installation!
- my ebay feedback and my feedback in almost 15+ forums is 100% positive
- no, 100€ is not a fair offer!
- shipping outside europe is pretty slow and expensive, be prepared