Disk drive 1 for disk drive 0

Started by cat9921, November 13, 2021, 04:56:09 AM

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Hi all

I have just received my x68000 back after it was sent for recapping, It is an original x68000 and the disk drive 0 is not working I need to to load the master disk v2 ? But the disk drive 1 is working so is there a way to swap it around and if so how



There are tiny jumpers in the back of the drives for drive select 0 (ds0) and drive select 1 (ds1), you would have to swap them on both drives and ideally swap their positions so they match with the faceplate.

Many games will require disks on both drives, so this solution will not be ideal.


Thank you for replying

I know that it is not an ideal situation but at least it gets me going with master disk v2 to boot from HD