X68000/MSX Genesis/Megadrive controller adapter schematics

Started by cr4zymanz0r, September 16, 2013, 04:47:22 PM

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I know this probably isn't anything amazing for the more technical users, but I thought I'd post my (hopefully) easy to read schematics for making an adapter to use Genesis controllers on X68000 or MSX. I've created 3 seperate schematics. One for 2 button only games, one for 6 button only games, and another that lets you switch between 2 and 6 button.

2 Button only adapter: http://i.imgur.com/3v3P6Xd.png
6 Button only adapter: http://i.imgur.com/iEc6bJG.png
2 & 6 button dual adapter: http://i.imgur.com/qz9z5il.png

One thing I noticed when I was looking at the 2 button X68000/MSX controller pinout (http://www.gamesx.com/controldata/msx.htm) is that the two action buttons were kinda vague on the pinout. They're labelled button 1 and button 2. This made me assume that button 1 was the left button and button 2 was the right button, but it turns out that's backwards. On real X68000 and MSX controllers they're usually labelled as button B and button A, with B being the left button and A being the right button.

Here's a pic of my working prototype http://i.imgur.com/3pGEZ3P.jpg . When I make another one it'll be prettier. I just wanted to make sure it worked correctly before worrying about aesthetics.


Aha, this explains why the adapter that I made is not working correctly for my 6 button Genesis pad.

Some two button games work right, then some do not. But 6 button games work correct. I guess I need to have a look at my adapter and see what version of the schematic I used to make it.

Thank, Manor.



Hi guys,

I just acquired a X68k ACE.

However, I also have MSX computers. Since both MSX and X68k have the same joystick standard, I'm sharing this guide with you guys:


You can also find a pictures "how to" of above information:


It is from my blog, in Portuguese only, sorry, but the pictures are the most important to give you guys an idea of what is this adapter.

Buy using it ANY megadrive controller can be connected to the MSX, and I think the same to X68k!


You can also find here a PDF with the schematics. It is useful to print and have close when performing all the soldering...  ;)


I hope that helps!


EDITED: This post has incorrect information. Please refer to next post for right info. Thanks.

Dear all,

Now that I have a X68k I could test the adapter I sent above.

Although the adapter works for MSX computers AND the x68k has MSX controller ports, the adapter doesn't work.

I'm quite interested in such adapters since the gamepad isn't changed / modded.

Therefore I'll try to implement this adapter, which was posted previously:




Please disregard my previous post.

Due to a bad contact the adapter wasn't working.

I fixed the adapter issue and YES it works in a X68k.

Tested games were:

  • Gradius 2
  • Parodius
  • Twin Bee

One test is missing: 6 game button, such as Street Fighter. I'll post as soon as I can do this one.

Therefore you guys have one more way to use a Genesis / Megadrive pad in your X68000!

The advantage of this method is that it doesn't change / modify the Genesis gamepad!  ;)




followed this exactly, directions work up down left right but no buttons. This is on a 3 button genesis controller. is there something I might have missed?


It took me awhile to get this thing working but since no one has put out a pic of a finished product I figured I would. The green led lights up for 6 button mode and off for 2 button mode.



That looks a lot prettier than my initial version. I'd be interested to see how you wired it up for the LED to light up for 6 button mode.


I resurrect this old thread for a question... Does the JoyMEGA MSX>MD pad adapter work for X6800 in both 2 buttons and 6 buttons mode? There is no switch on the adapter!


Quote from: opossum on November 26, 2021, 04:52:54 AMI resurrect this old thread for a question... Does the JoyMEGA MSX>MD pad adapter work for X6800 in both 2 buttons and 6 buttons mode? There is no switch on the adapter!

It should.  The incredibly simple Dempa MD pad adapter that came in every copy of Chelnov works fine with 6 button pads in SF2' and SSF2.