Buying FMT application discs, doujin discs, educational software

Started by Cyothevile, August 29, 2021, 02:24:22 AM

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Your best friend cyo is buying FMT applications and educational software discs and even some games. Well, not many games unless it came on a floppy disc only but I might budge for some. I'm especially interested in educational software.

I would also buy doujin discs if it's the original discs they came within the 90s and not a floppy re-write...I can spot this. This includes original copies of alltynex for example that were in the magazine.

Please direct all inquiries to my inbox or Twitter.


Thank you to those that have sold me things so far.

As of 29 September I'm still buying discs


I want to remind the forum I am still buying any of that software I requested such as educational, application or doujin software.

Also if anyone specifically has Garou Densetsu Special, loop eraser, d-return, and Hishouzame available I would be very interested in those.


Another reminder. Still here and still looking at educational and application software.

Thank you to the other forum members in the past that have sold me stuff.