9821 Possible Floppy Issue?

Started by 3rdman01, August 15, 2021, 12:34:43 PM

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I've joined the ranks of PC98 ownership with a recent purchase of a 9821 CS2 I bought of Yahoo Auctions. The computer seems to work perfectly except for a handful of issues and most of those are solved by merely rebooting.

One issue I can't resolve on my own though is booting off the floppy drive. When starting, my computer doesn't even appear to look at the drive and just boots to the HDD/CF. The floppy is working perfectly though...I can read and write to it and I've managed to run Rude Breaker from the disk without issue. Is there a keyboard shortcut or a bios setting that I am missing?? Thank you!


Press CTRL during boot...I am sorry for posting such a stupid question. I could have sworn I had done that before but it didn't work.