Car Marty external floppy drive modkit

Started by Cyothevile, July 28, 2021, 01:49:38 AM

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So I already made a PCB to give S-video from car marty if people are missing the unobtanium cable and I thought to make an adaptor for a 3mode FDD or even a gotek/hxc.

I've looked for this connector and I can't seem to find one. So I'm going with option B.

So option B? Disassembling car marty and making a flex PCB that will neatly have an external male connector to connect a floppy drive. Soldering will be required.

Originally I wanted to make this for me and 2 other friends. Would anybody be interested in one of these kits? Flex PCBs are very expensive to prototype and I'll likely require one or two runs to get it right. So that's a $220 expense right there.


I think I have found a connector I can use but I need to purchase it first.  It requires physical cuttting of some metal on the connector.  The idea is to use it with a gotek maybe placing it on top of Car Marty so you will have ability play the same games as regular Marty. It would end up being about $70 shipped anywhere for it. Let's hope it works..


It seems working finally.

I'll finalize the design soon. I ran the GOTEK with the copy of columns I unlocked. It should theoretically be possible to run two external FDD or gotek on the same cable and run games that require two floppies.

I have to modify pcb in CAD a bit before it's fully done. As of now it works. The only thing remaining is to convert the 7.5V into 5V so it's safe for floppy to grab power from the Car Marty.... Unless people power their floppy through other means?