Help Me Extract LHA's, SFX, LHES Games Formats In Dim, Xdf On Virtuall HDD In Emul.

Started by Sugo77, July 16, 2021, 05:43:48 AM

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Help Me Extract LHA's, SFX, LHES Games Formats In Dim, Xdf On Virtuall HDD In Emulator, For Play In Games....

For example, i just try extract, and run this game: Super Street Bomber X (19xx)(Dragon Studio)[Req Install]

Correct, i can't extract that games, on virtual HDD

I new at it all, and + langue barrier here, it's so hard for me, +some work on Japan, Some On English...
I have read this, but it's not hlp to me, or i not understand how do correct...

Also, i saw many video-lessons, but not in one not who not said, and not show how correct extract...
1.: Sharp X68000 Emulation | How to Configure SCSI HDD Image Support
2.: An easy way to create a Hard Disk image (.HDF) and putting games on it for the Sharp X68000:
3.: Tutorial - Sharp X68000 - How to install floppy disk games to hard disk.:

I just understand from this video-lessons, how make virtual hdd, and put games on it, it's work fine, but, game in archives still in archive, just on virtual HDD now, and still can`t be runing for play...

1.: 1.png
2.: 2.png
3.: 3.png
4.: 4.png

Help me please, i very tired, and lost 2 weeks in real life on read many: sites, read, and watch ton of lessons, video-lessons for understand something, it's hard for me, and still can't run this game, i wnat just tets on this one game, for understand how it need do, extracting games from archives on virtual hdd, or if posible how make virtual flopy disk and extract to there, for run game?

Need any help, any information, any good lesson, with steps: 1, 2, 3, for understand... :(

I was tring do it on both emulators: 1.: XM6 Pro-68k, 2.: xm6_typeg_332L30_20201231, on first was on japan, i was try extract on F1, how said on this link lessons, and after i was join on this screen, but anyway game not run... +On this version of emulator ( 1.: XM6 Pro-68k ), half on japan, hard to work... 
5.: 5.png

I was try put games buy lesons on virtual HDD, on emulator 2.: xm6_typeg_332L30_20201231 , but got fail, was some erroes on japan language, when was try put, and run virtual HDD, with this game... 
6.: 6.png

Also, was got and testing many: programs, emulators, soft, files, bioses, loaders, etc, etc, etc, but also, still same resul - fail... :(
7.: 7.png
8.: 8.png

And it's all, just for understand, how extract, and play at just in one game...

In general, need great help, because i very tired trying, and trying, and trying do many attempts for understand, and doing many tests, and read many librarys, for understand how run this game in archive, but still fail... You, and your this forum, i think my last hope... Make me please happy, and help me... :(

Thanks in advance, and sorry my bad english language, i trying...(All my life...)


We, after one -+ week(Of lessons, practice, and tests), with one smart, and with rich techinique knowles, and experience in it human, finally understanded, how extract(From archives: LHA's, SFX, LHES, etc), install, and run, [Req Install] games on PC, on emulators from Home Computer: Sharp x68000. We succeeded, after a week of joint painstaking work and tests...:

Done, but anyway, thanks for this forum, and some of useful files, and of course for useful technical information on this all website, forum...