WTB: X68000 XVI IPL Rom to use with BEEP 6M Ram card XM6BE6AP

Started by incrediblehark, July 03, 2021, 07:15:31 AM

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Was wondering if anyone could prepare a rom for me to use with my XM6BE6AP? Description of what I'm looking for is in link above (Japanese).



What alternate BIOS ROMs exist? It does seem that there's no specific ROMs for each model, just versions: 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. 1.0 for the original and up, 1.1 for the XVI, and 1.2 for the 030. All seem interchangeable to some degree (i.e. you can install newer versions on your hardware but not older). Been tempted to burn some 1.2 ROMs and try them out for a while now, but other than the boot screen and some programs acting odd there's not much in the way of change/improvement.


I'm not sure of any alternate BIOS other than one that was being worked on by a member here a few years ago, but has since disappeared from the scene altogether. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there was something out there developed that some digging into Japanese sites might uncover?

I want to try one in mine to see if my system behaves any differently with some of my hardware installed. I didn't realize that they weren't model specific, so I'd be interested in trying out a 1.2 rom as well.