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Started by Cyothevile, June 22, 2021, 11:35:40 AM

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X68000 wiki helped me revive 4 of those computers. I will return the favor and create the Towns Wiki even if most people here leech and hoard/gatekeep information.

It's going to take a while as there seems to be a learning curve. I think maintenance related articles and physical differences between models are priority to complete.

What pages do you guys want to see on it?

Also related how do I add images to wiki?


I have the same question. I remember there being a media management interface but I think you need to be verified or somesuch to get access to it? (I'm not verified yet.)


The wiki pulls its user account data from the forum.  You need to have two posts on the forum to have permission to post on the wiki, and along with that posting permission comes the ability to upload media. 

I double checked, and you both should have permissions to do this.  Click the picture frame icon to access the media facilities.

Which, I mean, I guess it's broken, unless you're both blind.  I just uploaded a file successfully, so whatever the problem is, it's not server file permissions or anything like that...


Thank you NFG!

When I get home this evening I'll give it a go!

Instead of information being scattered on Japanese webpages I want to try to bring it all together on one english page.

The organization of the X68000 wiki helped me tremendously restoring my computers. So I will take the helm and get the Towns wiki up and running!


I have photos up :p

I'll be provisionally writing articles and inputting information as I can. Help would be nice but I don't see it coming honestly.

Give it a few months it will look similar to X68000 wiki. Well maybe not as much information seeing as many people contributed to X68000 one.


Passion projects are tough.  You work for the love of it, and hopefully someone benefits.  I kind of feel like everything I've ever done went under the radar, but I couldn't not do it.


Here is progress so far.

I haven't resumed the master list that I'm making.

I'll do an extensive write-up of the ATX mod soon.  Uses that same Arduino on my other boards to turn on and off and also enables TownsOS power off.  I have had 2 other people separate from myself that have shoved a flex ATX PSU inside their desktops reviving their computer.  That's actually an article I plan to finish this weekend sometime.