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Die Bahnwelt

Started by Psygnosis8, December 14, 2014, 01:40:21 AM

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Just wanted to thank RadicalR, just finished the whole translation on an X68000 from floppies. I greatly enjoyed the game, changed the autoexec files to always set the BWMUSIC var for me.


Quote from: Artemio on August 01, 2018, 04:14:18 AMchanged the autoexec files to always set the BWMUSIC var for me.

Hello Artemio, could you please share your autoexec files?

I'm having problems after patching the xdf images, and make the discs on a real X68000 Pro, all crash on startup, tried instead the unmodified xdf and all boot and work fine (opening, system+data and ending) so I guess the problem is also the missing driver at the beginning... I'm trying without a midi card installed on the machine.

Thanks in advance!
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After a couple messages with Artemio (thanks!) and re-reading all the posts here, I figured it out. I was making a couple mistakes.

1. The patch is ONLY for the emulation copy of the game. That is, if you take the images that are floating on the web, the patch won't work. ALSO, if you take your original floppies, image them and try to patch these, it won't work either. That is, because the emulation copy has different data on it, and the patch will fail on these XDF images. SO... apply the patch only over the "original" emulation copy XDF images, should come from an archive file called "BW_DISK.lzh". There's also a zip file over at (Die Bahnwelt [T-En by Radical R v20060322]), THAT ONE IS ALREADY PATCHED, so it should work for the next steps, but haven't tested them yet.

2. After applying the patch to the XDFs, I edited the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the disks SYSTEM, OPENING and ENDING (using DiskExplorer on Windows, you could also edit the files directly on the X68000 if you have a keyboard), and added the BWMUSIC variable there:

And according to README.DOC setup codes are like this (as you nice people have explained already):

            FM ...  Play with the built-in FM sound source
            RM ...  Rhythm only played by MIDI sound source
            CM ...  Played by MT-32 series MIDI sound source
            GM ...  Performed by GM sound source

So I used FM to boot the game OK with a "stock" X68000, without any MIDI card installed.


NOTE: It was not needed to change the MIDI driver, or anything else on the disk image. I sold my MIDI card recently, soon I'll have another one (Midiori) and I'll test with the stock driver or the ZMSC one. But doing this, you can play the game with the stock FM music.

I add all this here to help others but also in case I forget what the hell did I do at the end to make it work on a real X68000 without HDD.

Now, to finish the game, see you guys! :D
From Mexico City... Amigo-Mexicano!
Also known as: "compil3r" ||