Using Sharp X1 emulator on the X68000

Started by TheRealAnubis, May 24, 2021, 05:26:50 AM

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I'm wanting to play the official loderunner on the x68k.  It was released on the Sharp X1, and I see there's an X1 emulator, but it's not compatible with .d88 files - it only uses .2d files.  Is there a converter that I can run (on windows, linux, x68k) that converts .d88 files to .2d files?  All I seem to find are .d88 files!



Just in case anyone is looking, I've been told about a set of tools called 2Dtools.

It's here (in Japanese):

It either needs to be run on an old DOS machine, or a PC-98, depending on which info you find online.