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Ultima IV, V, VI

Started by TheRealAnubis, May 14, 2021, 11:53:21 AM

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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has been able to find a working version of the Ultima RPG's for the X68K.

I've tried all of the images I can find and they don't work on the emulator or the original hardware - is there a 'cracked' section for games?!?



Quick update -

XM6- booting with the a2 version program disk (tosec), initiate new game, go through all the stuff to get your avatar, it asks for the britannia disk (tosec), game starts, you can play.  Hitting Q for quit and save asks for the character disk.  Instructions says it's just a blank disk - doesn't have to be formatted.  Insert blank image, acts like it's saving. Reboot and try to Journey onward and it doesn't recognize the character disk.

X68000 Expert - using same images as on the XM6, written to floppy - everything above until it asks for the britannia disk.  It ejects the disk saying it's not the right disk.


I think I have U4 working on the Expert - I'll just have to play it longer to make sure.
I loaded the a1 program disk (tosec), then put in the britannia disk (tosec) then a blank formatted floppy for the character disk. I'm not sure if I was having long filename problems (writing from xdf to floppy), or if it was the well-used floppies.
It saved my character and loaded up my game, which was better than it has been!