Stereo 3D for Fm Towns?

Started by hyrulebr, March 29, 2021, 01:55:36 AM

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I was looking for this Yahoo auction but unformtunatelly I was outbided.

So, anyone know about stereo 3D on FM Towns?

The seller wrote that there is 3 games compatible and VING release the adapter to use with famicom glasses. But I can't find anything about this adapter. The seller build his own adapter so maybe there is the schematic somewhere (maybe Oh! FM magazine?).

According to the seller the compatible games are:

Final Blow
Operation Wolf
Image Fight

He also commented that details of how to connect the adapter to fm towns can be founded in page 9 of Image Flight manual. (that I also don't have! but I guess should be connected to mouse port).

I apreciate if anyone have more information.



The 'how to connect' diagram does not go into the specific schematics required to actually build it, just literally how to connect it.  And it's into joystick 2.


iirc, the x68000 controller port to 3d cable adapter is exactly the same pinout as the towns version.  Just look up the old x68000 3d topic for the wiring diagram. 


Yup, I made the famicom adapter for use on my X68000 and found out it would work on FM Towns as well.

Haven't tried in on Towns yet but it does work on X68000.

The effect is cool, if not a bit underwhelming. The 3D glasses are cheap tat though, and flaky. So that might be a factor.


Thanks guys for all the information!

@kamiboy About these old 3d glasses I bought this DVD colllection and inside you will find two new 3d glasses and a sync box.

I paid cheaper than that but just make sure the glasses and mixer sync are inside (some sellers sold only the movies).

I confirmed it works better than originals famicom and sega master system glasses. Much more confortable and clearer vision. Should also works with X68000 and Fm Towns.

But I also bought because someone wrote that this sync box (composite?) can be used to replace the rare and expensive ADP-1 adapter for Laseractive (for use with 3D LD games):

Sync Box and glasses (I don't know if you still can buy there):

I have a X68000 3D glasses adapter but the guy that made it for me used a cheaper DIN connector and it broke after a month of use. But to test Fm Towns I will need to build another one anyway with controller port end.


Quite cool that you managed to adapt a modern 3D shutter glasses system to these old systems. But not surprising given that all these devices basically work the same way, by using a signal to block one eye at a time using liquid crystals. Enterprising individuals could prolly do the same with any LCD shutter  3D glasses system out there.


To the OP, I was watching that one as well and got outbid, thought it would be pretty cool to play around with. May need to try building one myself too.