Weird PC-9801-86 sound board issues on my PC-9821Xv20

Started by danham, February 04, 2021, 11:09:53 AM

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Hey guys. I have a PC-9821Xv20/W30 and recently installed an 86 sound board, which was sold to me as tested and working.

I disabled WSS in the BIOS, and configured the DIP switches on the card to their default state. The card is correctly recognized by MXDRV2 and PMDB2 drivers, correct interrupt, IO port, everything. However, when I load any of the Touhou games, I get no sound. My thinking at this point was that something is wrong with the analogue portion, since everything on the computer's end seemed to be fine. However... FMDSP gives me no sound, and when I play a file, the visualizer doesn't move at all. Obviously it knows something is wrong. YUNO doesn't play any music, but the card does produce a sound effect when you select a save file. It plays this sound effect at the correct volume, through the headphone jack and line out of the card. Also, Princess Maker 2's music (designed for the 26K board) plays, but full of glitches. Random bleeps that aren't supposed to be there, hitching, and so on.

I tried using C-Bus slots 1 and 4, no difference. Unplugged the audio board with the Crystal chip on it, no difference (except the beeper didn't sound, obviously). Does anyone have any insight?



Solved! It was a USB PCI board causing an IRQ conflict. I took that one out and now the 86 works fine.