Adding Headphone Socket To XBOX

Started by Mr_Black, June 14, 2004, 09:34:46 AM

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is it possible to add a headphone socket to the xbox.

i figure it would be just simply hooking up left and right signals, on the underside of the mother board to a 3.5mm socket, but obviously i think i would need some sort of amp to make the sound decent,

if anybody has a link to a decent picture of the underside of the mother board, with numbers on the pins i would be extremely grateful, personally i am mainly after left and right, and possibly the s-video Luminence and Chrominence lable.

Sorry if  i have been babbling on for ages. i have tried a few points underneath the board, fairly sure i got right audio, but i know i didn't get left audio.

Thanks Very Much, any info is gratefully appreciated

Best Regards

:ph34r: Mr Black :ph34r:  


Hi. If you could discern the traces from the pinout, you should be fine.

Here we have just such a lovely pinout. ;)

The audio out is line level, so an amp would be necessary. I have absolutely no idea how to make one, but audio amps (I hear) are fairly common. You shouldn't have any trouble hunting one down via Google.


thanks for the reply, as this is not absolutley important, it was just something to do.

i will haave another look at the traces, i think i should be able to do it.

will buy some cheap pc speakers, an rip them apart to have a play with.

i have added an SPDIF socket on the back. just for fun.

i followed a tut on xbox scene.

go to the tutorials section, and go to hardware add-ons/modifications
an go to the special outputs section