sega genesis\mega drive 2 (female) to Snes NTSC RGB connector

Started by shadowfire36, May 23, 2020, 01:27:20 AM

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I was wondering if someone could help me on a connector im trying to make . I followed the guides here and this is the connector im trying to make .I have made 2 cables  and i cannot get the rgb outputted correctly , i have palette splash and that is  it .
I have only the following connected
Sega MD 9     Snes NTSC
pin 1=blue    pin 1=red
pin 2= 5+    pin 2=green
pin 3=green    pin 3= sync
pin 4            pin 4=blue
pin 5=sync    pin 5
pin 6            pin 6= ground
pin 7=red    pin 7
pin 8=left A     pin 8
pin 9=right A    pin 9
                    pin 10= 5+
                    pin 11=left audio
                    pin 12=right audio

outer shield=ground   
and here is how i came up with it

im not sure if i did this correctly


I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish here.  A SNES -> MD socket RGB cable, I guess, but you've added a whole lot of components to the cable.  Why did you put a resistor on the 5V line?  Why are you using the capacitor and resistor on the MD end for the RGB lines? 

If the SNES is the source, you really shouldn't put one set of capacitors backwards.  The + side should go to the source.


yes im going from snes to md-9 , i just follwed the pics i found from the site , can you assist in the proper config ? im new to this .. its a connector i would like to have im going from my snes to a md9 female connector
i have never done more than basic slicing ,and would like a proper cable