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XVI capacitor list?

Started by trixster, November 24, 2019, 09:50:14 PM

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Does anyone have a list of what capacitors are required for an XVI (not compact) recap?


Here's a capacitor list of all the boards in the XVI excluding the PSU. For the floppy drive PCBs, I didn't bother disassembling the entire thing since it seemed nearly impossible so I desoldered a few capacitors and soldered the replacement capacitors on the other side of the board with trimmed leads.


Thank you!

Would it be possible to nominate this for the file archive?


What do you mean by that, 'nominate this for the file archive'?

I hope I didn't say something dumb. :)

I just didn't see this type of thing when I browsed the file archive, and from my beginner's perspective, I thought maybe it was the sort of thing that would go there.


Oh I get you.

It's an 8kB ZIP file of a spreadsheet.  Seems more like something that'd go really well on the wiki to me?

Both the wiki and the file archive are user supported, you're more than welcome to upload a file yourself, or update the wiki. 

And no, you didn't say anything stupid.  It was a very good idea in fact.  =)

EDIT:  I've added it to the wiki.