Looking for help with my LaserActive

Started by DejahThoris, November 09, 2019, 08:55:32 AM

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What it does:

Reset light is always on.

Sega pack in:
With a game in it will play games with no sound.
With no game it will go to the LD play/stop menu but it won't let you move the cursor or select anything.

Recapped NEC pack in:
Black screen

No packs:
Same as Sega without a game.

What it doesn't do:
Eject or pull in the tray.
Raise/lower the laser assembly.

What I've done:
I recapped the PSU, and double-checked the protection ic's per BlueBMW's repair post.  They're fine.

I recapped the video PCB and the tan one directly under it.

I recapped the PCB that is on the laser assembly.

I replaced both belts.

I found that the laser assembly that raises and lowers the whole thing was off-track, so I pulled it out and put it back in place.  I also followed the service manual to get all of the gears properly aligned and when spun by hand everything works properly.

When turned on the laser will adjust back and forth a little, and the eject lights blink twice.  But nothing else happens.  The laser assembly doesn't raise/lower.

I think that's everything..  Really hoping someone has worked on these before and can chime in with some direction!