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Seeking X68000 Expert to Repair Non-Functional XVI

Started by DarrylRevok, November 04, 2019, 12:57:13 am

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At first, I bought a Compact, but after learning that getting the Compact repaired would be a near impossibility, I replaced the Compact with an XVI earlier this year. Unfortunately, I haven't found anyone who can service it either.

I've already collected any of the accessories that I'm likely to need. I got an expansion for built-in RAM and a 10MB RAM expansion board, both from BEEP. I got a MIDI card and three different MIDI modules. I've got a keyboard and a mouse and a trackball and a SD2SCSI adapter to replace the HDD. I even got an NEC XM29 Plus for a display which costed way more than I ever expected to be paying for a CRT after the year 2000.

What I don't have though is a working X68000. :(

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to repair an X68000 XVI? I'm willing to ship and obviously to pay for the service.


 Could you tell something more about the fault from the XVI?
And from where are you?




i sell more to 80 x68000, i sell and repair, but

It is very necessary to know what symptoms you have or what is wrong, if it is a damaged internal ram, a damaged video chip or similar, if a corrupt ram or a bad stand by closure or simply turns on a green light and does not turn red and does not give an image, You can try, but you have to send to Spain and I promise nothing
And he has to tell me exactly what he does, the compac does not want to see it, I have returned 3 of them to life but they are a fucking shit, the normal xvi I have put into operation about 7 and I have been able to repair all but there is no security In nothing