Community Effort To Make More HDD Ready Games/Packs?

Started by cauterize, September 04, 2019, 05:43:07 AM

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I'm a huge fan of what Eidis and his team have done here. The HDD Image v4 has turned my ACE HD into a gaming monster, with plenty of unusual titles to dive into. I recently secured a 4mb IO card too, so I've finally been looking through the Games3 folder too.

That said, I do feel like all of the work has fallen on to Eidis' shoulders, and there's only so much one fan of a long abandoned system can do. There's countless more x68000 titles out there that will need adding onto future versions of the HDD image, along with various fan translations and whatever else the future might bring.

Outside of this forum and one Facebook group I can't really work out where much of the x68000 fans hang out, so I'm asking here... is there an on-going community effort to convert more games into HDD ready versions? Is it something we could possibly do together?


Once in the past I asked for that myself then I looked into things here and there and since adding games to the existing image is easy ( with the exception of protected games I guess)  I think the best way is to start creating something yourself having fun too. Have a look at it here 

and try choosing a game you would like to have in your collection and test and test again until you get it work


I've been working on an SD card image with games patched and/or speed optimized for X68030 computers (since that's what I own).  No ETA since I'm juggling several projects simultaneously, but I'll definitely upload it to NFG and post about it here once I have it ready.


Believe or not, not so many games are left to be installed on HDD.I've contributed a lot to EIdis image and did my own one with many games (most of them are doujin) :

Anyway, right now I have not much time to check but if someone can do a list of not yet installed games I could look into it.


I don't think I ever tried your image. I'll have to do so when I fix my system.

You've covered a number of RPG's, which I think are completely absent on the other image but I think there are still some missing. The Lagoon translation would be nice to add, and I'm sure a few other translations have been released since the image was made.


Lagoon only works from floppies unfortunately.

I was also disappointed that the recent translation of Star Cruiser was not HD installable :-(


Obviously not all games are HDD installable with all methods we can try.