PC9801DS disk from PC9821 Na7

Started by emerald danjon, February 10, 2019, 12:42:52 AM

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emerald danjon

Hello all,
im trying to made funcional disks for an PC9801DS using an PC9821 Note.

i try with Disk image 13b,for now no luck,anyone can tell me about the format what i need to use in the Disk image 13b options etc?,thanks in advance.

im trying to write Alantia from .D88 images and not work,i format the Disks on the 9821 on 1.21 format and the Disk image 1.3b set on 1.25 i read on some tutorials that is correct but i get non functional disks.

that problem dont happen with .HDM image disks,
i remember create functional Disks for the 9801DS in the past using PC Computer & 3-mode USB FDD ,is not possible find Alantia on .HDM image for that reason im trying with that .D88
¿is that the problem?

thanks in advance and huge sorry for ask about something what for sure you are boring to answerd again and again...,but i really try to read info and i dont get the key,
thanks again and have a nice weekend.

emerald danjon

I think for what i want i need use Mahalito,what a horrible night to learn DOS.


maybe some day an ignorant like me have this issue...:

mahalito e -2hd a:Â¥thename of the file.2hd d:

first you need have the .2hd and the .dat

this is for that kind of games you cant write like the .d88 extensions...