Street Fighter 2 screenmodes

Started by trixster, January 30, 2019, 01:40:31 AM

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Does anyone know what the difference is between the 5 screenmode options in Street Fighter 2’, other than one being 15khz and the others being 31khz?

From my OSSC:
Mode 1 -        15.97khz 61.44hz 260p (default, looks great)
Mode 2 -        31.46khz 55.40hz 568p (640x512 on ossc, looks narrow)
Mode 2 HSP - 31.46khz 60.28hz 522p (640x384 on ossc)
Mode 3 -        31.03khz 54.63hz 568p (640x512 on ossc)
Mode 3 HSP - 31.03khz 59.45hz 522p (640x384 on ossc)

What are HSP modes? Why choose one over another?


There are options for widescreen.  You are supposed to use the controls on your monitor to manually lower the vertical size until the sprites look as they should.  Basically do it yourself letterbox.  It actually looks really nice imo.  Other Capcom games and Cotton have this as well. 


I thought that might be the case. I was wondering what HSP stood for though.

On the ossc you can stretch the horizontal slightly by altering the sample rate but you can’t stretch / squash the vertical.

15khz Mode looks the best to my eye so I’ll stick with that. I thought it was interesting that the x68000 maintains the playing field width of the arcade as I initially thought it was cropped slightly horizontally, similar to how some Saturn fighters are narrower than their arcade equivalents.