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midiori - MIDI card for the X68000

Started by TD-Linux, January 22, 2019, 04:45:55 pm

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Yes, good idea. I will try to do that. But don't hold you breath :)


August 17, 2019, 06:11:25 am #81 Last Edit: August 17, 2019, 10:33:42 pm by Max
Quote from: spud on March 24, 2019, 10:11:18 amInstalled my card today (needed some force, and used the supplied cover to push the card in). Tried it only with Ghouls & Ghosts and Munt (MT 32 / CM 32 emulator) on my PC, but yes it works and it's really awesome!!!

Next step is try the SC55 emulator :)

Hey man just a tip....At last I'm trying this midi card and I'm doing the same you did but I do not know why I'm stuck....maybe I'm too tired now.....I have just plugged the midi card into my X68K and then connected the out to a usb-midi in to my laptop, now I have munt mt-32 emulator running on my win 7 64 bit and the led on the usb-midi connector is  flashing once I choose the Music test on Dracula with the option mt-32 at the start-up.....so it means it is receiveing data and inputs from the game but.....I cannot hear any sound on my laptop that has a very good sound system with stereo/dolby surround speakers.....where am I supposed to make a mistake?  maybe it is a silly one but I'm not able to solve .....

thanks in advance

EDIT: I got it working finally......and it works great for me!! Tried just Dracula and Twinbee ....!!


OK, sorry, see your question only now. Great you have it working. In the mean time I'm using a raspberry pi as MT32 emulator.


Quote from: spud on August 18, 2019, 11:24:48 pmOK, sorry, see your question only now. Great you have it working. In the mean time I'm using a raspberry pi as MT32 emulator.
very good....Did you see my last post?.could you help me out with an error just popped up......it seems that I cannot run capcom games anymore.....if you have time just answer there on the post..
many thanks


Version 2 is finally ready! Due to the reduced part count (and no RX functionality) it's cheaper than the previous version.

midiori v2.1.0 with TRS jacks - $55
midiori v2.1.0 with DIN jacks - $55
TRS to female DIN adapter - $8
US shipping - $8
Rest of world shipping - $14

This version is FPGA based, which means I'm no longer limited by the availability of YM3802-X chips. This also means that the functionality is re-implemented from scratch, and may not be perfect. Make sure to read the README which describes the limitations of this card. Also read the compatibility list - I cannot guarantee operation with games not on this list.

All boards are assembled and programmed. The FPGA is not intended to be user programmable or upgradeable, though adventurous users with a SPI flash programmer can!

The DIN version now uses a cut-down connector, that allows it to (barely) fit with a second card. The included backplate is still 2 slots wide, though.

I will include 3d printed ejection ears and a back plate.

To order, PM me with your preferred payment method (paypal or bitcoin), your country, and what you would like to order.


Hi, new owner of a x68000 Pro and I was interested in one of your MIDI cards, but from your latest commits on Github it looks like you're working on 2.2 release with mini DIN ports and some other tweaks.

Any idea when you will be looking at producing a batch for sale?


I wanted to give a quick update on this. As you may have seen, Midiori is now available at BEEP:


This is an updated version that features a mini-DIN connector and adapter in the box.

I still plan to sell them on the forum as well, however I am currently super backlogged. I'm working on increasing my production rate so I can have a stock on hand rather than building them as I ship as I've done previously.